Is The Granny Or Cougar Phenomenon A Myth?

Granny Dating UK

The question these days when dating or having a relationship is the granny phenomenon a myth? When discussing the dating scene in the similarities of the term “Granny” in the United Kingdom or “Cougar” in the United States being a myth the answer is no. Men that are in their mid to late twenties are seeking out women that are twice their age usually in their 40’s.

The reasons that men are looking for an older women is emotionally they are mature and know what they want in life. Many women in this age group have been successful professionally; sexually they have gone through menopause and are at their prime.

There are few women in this age group , but for the most part have already raised their children and want to avoid getting pregnant. The label of a cougar has taken society by storm with Hollywood celebrities and television shows being of mainstream television. Unfortunately, many people tend to judge others especially when they see an older woman holding hands with a man in their twenties.

The woman are looked at in disgusting ways but if a man is with a younger woman the acknowledgement of others is that he is going through a mid life crisis. If a women wants to be with a much older man it is said she is a gold digger and after his money.

Nevertheless women who are in the 40’s or cougar dating can still find happiness in their relationship with a younger man. By the time a women is in their 40’s the only thing many of us are looking is for someone that makes them sexually satisfied, pampers them, enjoys spontaneity, and respects life.

A woman in their 40’s or 50’s are taking better care of themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually today compared to the women in their twenties and even thirty. Cougar or Granny dating then should not be a surprise let alone a myth it is happening around the world.

A younger man looking for a dating partner or soul mate online should not be judged by others because age should not matter as long as both are consenting adults. Women in general should be allowed to date and have an intimate relationship even with a younger man. Society has a tendency to have a double standard when it comes to relationships.

Younger men find that the older women have more self confidence, are sexy, and they do not have drama like the women their age. The other reason younger men date older woman is that they feel less pressured in life decisions and will experiment with sexual gratification.

Pumas, cougars and jaguars all find younger men appealing because they are in better physical shape than men in their same age group. Younger men have a higher energy level and want to do more than sit in front of a television. However, there are exceptions to any rule with the younger generation of men some would rather be gaming on the latest system.

Cougars were named by women who made a fashion statement by wearing animal prints to make them look younger. Cougars or Granny’s are women who are in the age range of 35 to 50. Consequently it would be the younger men that would seek out the older women especially in bars, beaches and other social scenes. If a woman is over the age of 50 they are labeled as a Jaguar and looking for a young man to have as a boy toy.

Life of a cougar or a granny can be exciting and rewarding in any relationship as long as everyone agrees that happiness is important to the couple. Many older women have “fallen in love” with a younger man and eventually get married to them. However, the older women and younger man are not pressured in getting married compared to couples of the younger generation with life obstacles.

I am a woman in my late 40’s and I can honestly say that I have been in a store where a young strapping man came up to me and asked if I needed help in picking out lingerie. I kindly asked him what his age was and he answered that he was 22 years old. I was flattered that the young man tried to pick me up but once he told me his age.

My response was that I did not need any help and I have two sons in that age group. The young man was embarrassed and his face was a shade of pink as he walked out of the store. Another occasion I had a young man in his early 20’s at a company holiday party flirting and he did eventually asked me if he could go home with me that night. These young men searched for me out in a public place and wanted my attention.

By the way these situations did happen and I will ask you am I considered a Cougar or Granny. I am not in the dating scene not even close simply I have been married for 27 years. My husband and I do not wear wedding bands anymore simple because we do not need to wear them.

Cougar or granny relationships can bloom if they are willing to be opened minded and live for the moment. Yet again the question that is asked by many is Cougar or Granny a myth when it comes to relationship the truth is no. The concept of women being a Cougar or Granny is very real and here to stay.