5 Helpful Tips For Granny Dating

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You are young and love dating granny slappers but just imagine if you could turn up the heat and get more action. Getting all the help you can is the best thing you can do right now and these 5 helpful tips could just be the thing you need to have more success with those naughty grannies.

1. Are you prepared?

This is all about you making sure you spice yourself up a bit. While grannies like them young, they don’t want you to rock up to the date looking like a teenager. So definitely ditch the cap, and go and get your hair cut. Make yourself look a bit older than you are so that you appear a bit more manly. Grannies want a toy boy, but need to have the feeling that they are dating a man that can handle himself.

2. How do you smell?

Now you may not have given much thought to this, but have a think about how many times your mother has told you that you smell or that your room smells? Does she always have to tell you to go and have a shower? Now not all young men are smelly, and you may think you smell awesome, but it can’t hurt to have a think and change up your routine a bit.  Get some great cologne that will make you smell irresistible as well; it all helps to complete you as a package that your granny will find desirable.

3. What things are you interested in?

So have a think about your interests, whether that is a remote control car, the Xbox or WWE – then throw these interests out the window! Your granny does not want to hear about the latest Xbox game you have just acquired. Seriously, she doesn’t. Make yourself more interesting and appealing by expanding your horizons and taking up some new hobbies. This will help you instigate some interesting conversation when you are granny dating.

4. What do you like to eat?

Who cares? It’s not about you when you are granny dating; it is about your lady and what is going to turn her on. If a takeaway hamburger is your idea of a great meal then it sounds like you are headed for trouble buddy. Hopefully you will be having some conversation before meeting her for the first time, so ask some questions that will help give you an idea of what she likes to eat. What’s your favorite food is a good question to ask early on. Then, when you are talking, in the back of your mind you can come up with a date location you think she would like. When you suggest it at the end, your hot granny will feel appreciated and she will be ticking her little mental boxes about you.

5. What are you scared of?

It can be daunting to date a hot granny the first few times. When you are scared, she will be able to tell. Grannies are great at reading body language and knowing how people feel. They are wise and worldly. So make a list on a bit of paper about what is making you feel scared about the date, read it, get over it and burn the paper.

Granny dating can be awesome fun and you know you would like to experience all kinds of awesome on your date. So take advantage of these tips, relax and enjoy the experience.