5 Secret Strategies To Improve Cougar Dating Today

Granny Dateing
Granny Dateing

If you are into “mature women” and dream of having a relationship with them rather than with some goo goo-eyed girls, then you have to step up in prepping yourself because you cannot be as egotistical to believe that she will just have to take you as you are.  Before embarking on this kind of relationship, ask yourself what this will mean to you and what are you prepared to take and do to make this work. 

The following tips can help you have a long lasting relationship with a Cougar.  I believe you will form some other meaningful insights of your own as you go further into the relationship:  

Nurture and promote the best of yourself at all times.  

Cougars are more discriminating than younger girls and will not take to sloppiness and shabbiness no matter how extremely good looking you are.  Remember, Cougars have sophisticated tastes and they will never tolerate a guy that is not up to her standards. Cougars are veterans of dating and has specific requirements from her dates – younger, physically fit, smelling delectably good, and well- groomed, in short an eye candy.  

Act mature and think mature because cougars cannot tolerate gross silliness and stupidity.  

You say, “I have to be young and energetic and thinking and acting mature at the same time while she is acting and thinking younger than her real age?”  Well, nobody said life is fair, but if you want to stay in this relationship, then that is one of the primary points to consider.  Talk about topics that you know will engage her mind and interest – literature, music, or current affairs.  Do not regale her with your past sexual conquests or silly college escapades.  Having a sense of humor helps because women love men who can make them laugh but make sure that the jokes aren’t bawdy and outrageously pointless.

Know the role you play in the relationship.   

Remember that cougars are on the hunt for men who can satisfy their “other” needs.  Be her escort to social events, companion, or lover. Your role might be implicitly or explicitly declared but you have to be sensitive to discern that and be careful not to overstep the bounds.

If you are in this relationship for the long haul but your cougar partner is not there yet, you can just hope that as the relationship develops, she comes to elevate you to a different role.  Know that this will not happen overnight by being obsessive and possessive, on the contrary that could prematurely end the relationship.

Wine and dine her.  

It is true that your cougar can very well afford to buy her own meals and drinks, but women, regardless of age, love to be taken care of, wooed, and romanced.  Sizzling, hot sex, is just not enough or the novelty will soon wear off.  As your budget will permit, take her out to real dates to expensive restaurants (if that’s her thing) or a romantic trip.  Doing this will definitely put you a notch higher in the “respect department” and that could push the relationship into a different level.

Give her space.  

There are times that she needs you to be with her every day.   Sometimes you don’t hear from her for long stretches that it becomes almost unbearable.  Do not be tempted to call her or leave too many messages because nobody wants a needy and desperate male specie.  Hold your horses and wait for her to call you. But when she does, make sure you are available for her, always.