The Secret For Granny Dating Revealed In 5 Simple Steps

Granny Slappers

So, you want to start “Granny Dating”? Good for you, you’ve come to the right place.

There are 5 simple steps for you to follow.

You need to figure out where the grannies are. They are not likely to be found at the local pub. They are, however, likely to be found at churches, charity organizations, volunteering at a hospital or school. Start looking in your area for such places.

Make yourself familiar with them and offer your services. Also keep an eye out at local sporting events — GILFS often have grandchildren (hence the term Granny!) and are often big supporters of their grandchildrens’ sporting events. If you spot a likely Granny for you, make sure you know which team the apple of her eye is on and be vocal about calling out support for that team.

Be neatly dressed and bathed and shaven (if you have a beard or mustache, it must be clipped and neat-looking). Grannies have become accustomed to men who have good hygiene, so remember, you can not be too clean! Clothing is equally important. If you’re at a sporting event, casual is the way to go. If you’re at an evening event, wear a suit and tie! You like her because she’s well dressed and very presentable — well, she’s going to want the same thing from you.

Do not come on too strong, and be honest! Grans have had a lot of experience in the real world, and they can spot a faker when they see one. Spot something lovely about her and comment on it. Don’t make it up! Every woman, Granny or not, will respond to a real compliment and, again, Grannys have been around for a bit and can tell when a man is sincere or not. Perhaps she is as anxious as you are to connect, and if you behave like a gentleman that will get the response you’re looking for. No crass language, no loud boasting!

Once you have made the acquaintance of the lady you want, listen to her! You may have your agenda, but she has one too. She wants someone to share with her their ideas, life experiences, hopes and aspirations for the future. It may be that she is a bit unsure of herself — society is very tough on older women and she may have some trepidation about putting herself in a situation where she could get emotionally hurt. Take your time and get to know her. Make sure she knows you admire her and want her.

Okay, so now you’re on a date with your Granny. Unless she makes it immensely clear that she wants to have sex, and I mean immensely, do not presume. Make sure you have protection with you (that means condoms!), but be reticent about opening the subject. Romance is important for Grannies (well, for everyone, but even more so for a lady who has been around a while). You don’t have to break the bank — a simple bunch of flowers, a small trinket that when you saw it made you think of her — these are the way to create a romance with a Granny.