Little Known Ways To Find A Cougar

Granny Dates
Granny Dates

Why on earth would a cougar want to date you? What do you have to offer? It’s time to take a cold hard look in the mirror and sort yourself out. You are young, hopefully you know how to make yourself look good, and so you should have a lot to offer a cougar. Once you have yourself sorted, it is time to find yourself a cougar and get it going on.

You can’t find a cougar if you don’t start looking. If you are sitting there imagining how great it would be to date a cougar or have a casual fling with one but you aren’t actually taking any action to get you there, then you will be totally out of luck. The lucky young guys are the ones who are out there dating cougars night after night because they have discovered the secret ways to find the cougars they want. Wouldn’t it be great to be like them!

Yes you can try online dating sites and adverts in the paper. Many young guys have had success this way and good on them. There are many online platforms that are specific to cougar dating so you could definitely give that a try if you haven’t already. The trouble with paper adverts is that you don’t know what you are in for. You will possibly have a phone number to ring and yeah, she may have a great voice, but it will be hard to know what she looks like. Maybe looks aren’t important for you, but they are for many.

You might be surprised to find that there are cougars lurking everywhere in your neighborhood. Now as creepy as that might sound, what it means is, there are cougars right under your nose and you would never know it. You could try getting out and meeting people in your local area, especially the pubs and clubs. Cougars are often out and about in the evenings because they are looking for an escape and some excitement in their lives. Chances are that when you are looking and they are looking, you will lock eyes and the rest will be history.

It wouldn’t hurt to advertise yourself as the local handyman, if you have the skills and the time of course. Cougars love a strong and young handyman. Work and pleasure all rolled into one, how much fun does that sound? Imagine being able to go to work, while a gorgeous cougar is eyeing you off. Now this is definitely a way to create the ultimate excitement for you and for her. Now don’t think that all women are cougars or you could be heading for disaster. Most women enjoy a bit of playful flirting though, so this will give you a better indication if she is interested. Watch her body language and how she responds to you for little signs of hope. It might even be time to take a course in how to read body language just so you know when you are onto a good thing and when to back off.

Get out there and turn yourself into a cougar magnet! Before long, you may attract more cougars than a young guy like you can handle!