Best Cougar Dating Secrets Revealed

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Let’s face it – a hot cougar doesn’t want you as a gaming buddy on the PlayStation. She wants you to make her feel good, excited and young again. So basically, you might be thinking she is going to use you for your youth and body – well you are probably right! So what’s wrong with that? Nothing if you are looking for an experienced older woman who knows how to have a good time with no strings attached.

No strings attached is the aim of the game for many hot cougars that are on the prowl for a hot young virile man such as yourself. So go with the flow and enjoy the date for what it is. You will never experience the extreme excitement of this kind of date with a girl your own age. There is always doubt, fear, endless texts and definitely strings with the chance of a relationship thrown in, when you have to date the girl next door or someone you went to school with.

Why do you want to date a cougar? If you are using these dates to experiment with your own techniques or performance, or if you are looking to learn something new in the bedroom, you are definitely going to achieve it with hot cougar dating. These women don’t want stress, they just want fun and they already know what makes a woman feel good and what doesn’t. Listen to the cougars – they know what they are talking about!

Be prepared to man up and lose some of your insecurities. It won’t be long before you are feeling very confident to handle a variety of hot cougars that are out there waiting just for you. You just need to get some cougar dates and experience under your belt first. Then use everything you learn and apply it to the next date. Before you know it, you will have to change your name to Romeo and cougars will be falling at your feet to be in your company for a night.

Remember that there are no strings attached. So even if you find a cougar that rocks your world on the first date, unless you have rocked hers as well, there may not be a second date. Try and think of it from her side of things. If you were less than satisfactory because you were only focused on yourself and your own pleasures – why would she want to date you again? She will be on the prowl looking for a young man that can satisfy her specific needs, possibly before you even have a chance to realize what happened.

The best cougar dating secret is to definitely make sure you are pleasing her. This is your only chance to grow up, mature and learn what it takes to be a man and satisfy a woman. You will probably learn more than you bargained for but that will be a good thing. You can never have too much knowledge or experience on the cougar dating scene, that’s for sure!