Effective Strategies To Date Cougar Women

Grab A Granny

Are you a boy or a man? Are you a man or a mouse? It takes a hot blooded young man to effectively date an equally hot blooded cougar. You will need some strategies to help you cope with dating cougar women who are looking for a young guy just like you. Don’t be surprised to feel like a toy boy, it is time to embrace that awesome feeling and have the time of your life.

There are some things you should definitely do when you find yourself a hot cougar woman and some things that you shouldn’t do. She wants to date a man, not a boy, a young virile fine specimen such as yourself, that can meet all of her needs, whatever that might involve.

Be prepared to be doing things you never thought possible.

She has way more experience at dating than you, and if things progress from the date, well you are in for some life lessons, that’s for sure! So what are some strategies to help you in your quest of finding and dating the hottest cougar around? Read on and find out.

You will be a plaything.

Your cougar isn’t looking for a young husband; she is looking for a toy. If she chooses to go on a date with you, then you are that toy! Accept it for what it is and play the game, she will be eating out of the palm of your hand, or you hers, when you play the game right.

Play hard to get, but not too hard.

Making out like you are the easiest toy boy that ever existed is a plan you need to get rid of now! Being cheap and easy is not very attractive, so even though your hot cougar lady might want to get it on with you, you can try to be a little hard to get. It will be more appealing for both of you anyway. Acting hard to get is all part of the excitement and excitement is what cougars are looking for. You could stretch out being not so cheap and easy for a few dates with the same cougar, but after that you will need to let your guard down a little so that things can progress.

Cougar woman don’t want boring.

They are often so sick of their boring lives they want you to take them away from it all. If you are a boring person, spice yourself up a bit; otherwise you won’t be going on any dates in the future.

Get rid of the sleazy attitude.

Most cougar women are professionals in powerful jobs. They may have been married in the past and may even have grown children your age. Sleaze is better left to re runs of 70s porn and guys with mustaches. You are better than that! Well at least you better hope you are! So get your suave and sophistication going and turn on your cougar instead of turning her away for good.

It is time to turn yourself into the kind of man these cougar women want! Stand out from the pack by taking on some of these effective strategies.