Ultimate Strategy For Dating Grannies

Hot Granny Dating

To quote the great Chinese General Tsun Tzu “Strategy devoid of Tactics is the slowest path to Victory”. This principle has withstood the test of times and for the studs out there, you have a chance at seeing it being applied in relationships and dating grannies. If successfully applied, then no more going back to that nagging lass of yours but instead you will be having hot steamy sex in the back of that Range-Rover with a hot Cougar Granny.

Most grannies are easy to spot and meet as they tend to frequent these three places:-

The Gym: To tone their bodies.

Coffee shops/Wine shops: They’ve got the money and taste.

The Clubs: These women are career women who occasionally need to unwind and are always scouting for Boy-Toys. Position yourself in these spots and you’ll definitely see them in droves.

If you meet one, look at her and if your eyes meet, flash her that perfect smile and say “Hi”. All the while slowly running your eyes up and down her as if telling her that “I like what I see and wouldn’t mind dipping my hands in your cookie jar”. They have been in the game longer than you and they recognize when guys make a pass at them. Catch the drift?

There’s nothing more grannies love than getting attention. If you do it right, then you’re definitely in. If it’s at the bar, the next thing is offering to buy her a drink. She might accept the offer or instead buy you one since they love being in control. So submit.

Just chat her up and never bring up the subject of age. Instead compliment her on her looks and body. These are your strong points and since you’re puffing up her ego, it sets off a kind of chain reaction. She’ll like you, buy you drinks and hopefully suggest that you leave the place for a private members club. You might never make it to the club because she kicked off her panties the moment you got in the car. If she enjoyed it, then expect to do it for a while but don’t build castles since they like short stints and then replace you with new toys.

It is recommended not to text her at all since her husband might read her texts, upgrade your wardrobe using the money she gives you, and never go to her work place unless invited by her and even then never introduce yourself to her colleagues. Just be cool.

In granny dating there is an unwritten law:- What You See Is What You Get. Some might be in it for the long haul, while others, it’s just for the adventurous pleasure only. Afterwards they go back to their husbands and become the submissive wives and caring mothers once again.

Always act aloof as if you want nothing more than what you’ve got there and then with her. Got it? Follow these strategies on how to meet cougars, treat them and leave them and your days as a Boy-toy will be awesome.